Our Values


We are driven by Client centricity and tailor make our solutions based on their needs (we don’t push products).


We believe Leadership is based on the strengths of the person who leads in a given context (it’s not just a title).


Our Execution is driven by a purpose to make a difference & walk the extra mile (it’s not always about profits).


We have embraced an Agile mindset to deal with the exponential changes in everything we do (not driven by status quo).


We learn by consistently retrospecting on our successes & failures (we don’t shy away from experimental innovation).

Who We Are

Life Skills foundation (LSF) was founded by a group of Passionate Professionals in 2013. Our founders have a solid track record of holding Senior Management Positions with Global firms and also establishing successful Entrepreneurship ventures. Functionally, their experience & expertise revolves around Business, Technology & Human Resources. Headquartered in Hong Kong, LSF has a presence in Asia & Partners in most Key Markets across the world.

Our Mission

LSF’s mission is to partner with Executives, Entrepreneurs Enterprises (3Es) to solve Business problems through PEOPLE solutions.

What We Do

“We develop Human Capital to build Organization Effectiveness.” From highly focused programs for small Businesses to Enterprise- wide engagements for thousands of global employees, each initiative leverages the remarkable depth and breadth of LSF industry experts, user- friendly solutions, and a creative, agile mindset. The result is stronger companies better prepared to meet their challenges and thrive, both today and in the future. LSF solves problems through 5 Practice Areas – Development Courses, Business Consulting, Executive Coaching, HR Outsourcing & Inspirational Offsites (3CO2).

What makes LSF Global Different from others

Solution Drivers

We don’t push Products but like your Family Doctor diagnose your needs to craft a Solution to solve it

Most Training Firms follow a Product based approach. E.g. a Sales Consultancy can only deliver Sales Courses and tries to solve every business problem with their limited product offerings. To be fair, this does bring focus but it leaves a Company to deal with 100s of suppliers and be the Doctor, who has to find the best solution. LSF on the other hand is like the your Family Doctor who carefully diagnoses the issue/ need and then crafts a solution that solves it. LSF is effectively able to do this through their 120+ Experts & 400+ product (course) offerings.

Business & HR Experts

Business Performance comes from People, our Consultants understand both HR needs & Business Strategy

Business always complains about HR not being able to understand their problem and HR always criticizes Business on not engaging them early. Unfortunately, we see these differences crop up in every second company. This is not helpful for either side, HR needs to think about issues like long term Employee Engagement & Business needs to think about Profit & Performance. Over the last few years, LSF has recruited a diverse Talent which has enabled us to have both HR and Business expertise in the house. This expertise helps LSF understand HR needs better & directly impact Business Performance.

Digital + Org. Psychologists

To help Companies thrive in the Digital Age, we offer both Digital & Organisational Psychology Expertise

Seems as if the whole world is going Digital and this pursuit sometimes misses the fundamentals of Human and Organization Psychology. We often are called to support Digital Transformation initiatives struggling with Employee Resistance or Organization Change which struggles using relevant Technology. LSF has a team of Organization Psychology Experts who understand the Digital world and Technology Experts who understand Human Psychology. This confluence puts us in a unique position to bring about Digital Transformation & manage Change holistically.

Agile Program Designers

Our Solution Designers practice Agile Management that addresses both market & business realities

Attending training not only involves costs but also opportunity losses due to pulling people out of their jobs. The luxury of designing long duration & one solution for all needs are gone. Companies today are asking for agility in program design that not only addresses the market changes but also considers their time constraints. Over the years, LSF has recruited a very Agile team of Program designers who can design most programs for duration of 1 month, 1 day and even 1 hour. We deliver these courses through engaging learner Journeys, Workshops & Masterclasses respectively. Most importantly, we infuse the changes in the market place real time to keep the Courses relevant.

Development Practitioners

School teaches Concept, our Practitioners teach Construct that help solve business problems through practical Applications

Lets define a Passionate Development Expert first. He is a person who is crazy about his craft and lives it day in and day out. We have observed that if a Trainer/ Speaker/ Coach is not passionate and does not upgrade his craft, slowly his work starts becoming stale or irrelevant. “With consistent application comes conviction and with conviction comes impact!” Our Experts are not only Teachers but PRACTITIONERS who update & apply their knowledge to real life and business situations regularly. This helps them enhance impact, in areas of both Business & People Performance.

Our History

From a Humble Beginning of a Corporate Training Company, Today LSF has become Asia's Leading HR Consulting Firm

Our office


Birth of Life Skills Foundation

LSF Founders held Senior Leadership positions in Global Firms & realized that Performance comes from People Skills. Ironically, at the time most Training firms were focused in pushing Products rather than offering need based development SOLUTIONS. Therefore, LSF was founded with a mission to offer need & strengths based solutions to enhance People Skills, which had a direct impact on Performance.

Largest Corporate Training Provider

In just 3 years, LSF became known for their unique solution based Talent Development approach & worked relentlessly to solve business problems through People Development Solutions. This resulted in the creation of over 400+ Talent Development Solutions & LSF became known for the largest & most diversified portfolio of Training Solutions in Hong Kong.





Business & HR Consulting Firm

In the relentless pursuit to solve business problems, Clients engaged LSF to solve  problems around HR outsourcing, Business Coaching and Talent Management Consulting. Gradually, the scope expanded into becoming a one stop Business Coaching & HR Consulting Firm. However, the Founders’s Mission remained the same, “Solve Business Problems through People Solutions.”

Our Global Offices

13F Sun House, 181 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong

Meet Our Team

Join us, if you like to craft a Career of making a DIFFERENCE

We provide unique career opportunities for Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Event/ Project Managers & even Retired Senior Leaders who want to make a difference to Large Enterprises, Corporate Executives & Small Businesses.

Our Partners

The world’s experts in Business & People Growth are also our Partners.

We have formed alliances with leading solution and technology partners to provide you with solutions to the complex problems faced by your business. It’s not just our in-depth expertise of Organization Psychology but also our understanding of your Business that allow us to tailor our consulting and application services to the needs of your sector. We work with each partner to deliver genuine added value to our customers.

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