Advanced Team Skills Development


Participants will be able to work collaboratively and use effective communication to receive and provide feedback to enhance the team's performance and to achieve common goals. Participants will be able to identify problems and plan solutions.

HOW will you benefit

  • Types of Teams.
  • Characteristics of a Team.
  • Stages of Team Development.
  • Systematic Approach to Team Work.
  • High Performing Team.
  • Why Teams Fail.
  • Accepting Challenges and Preparing the Team.
  • Solving Problems as a Team
  • Self Review and Team Review.

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WHO should enroll

  • Project Directors
  • Project Heads
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Heads
  • Team members

WHAT you will learn

  • Understanding the importance of a common goal among the team, and being able to come up to consensus to form a direction for the team
  • Making well division of labor according to each individuals’ strength and weakness
  • Working together as a team by effective communication process
  • Building up team trust to support the team to achieve higher level of success
  • Identifying key problems when the team are facing difficulties and prioritizing those problems.
  • Formulating solutions by considering resources and constrains

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