Agile Transformation for Leaders


The Agile Transformation for Leaders is a workshop designed specially for Agile Leaders, Managers and Coaches working at the enterprise level in Agile transformations, transitions or improvements. This course will help participants look at their work through the different integral lenses of leading an Agile Transformation including: Leadership, Practices, Systems, and Culture in a powerful and impactful experiential style.

HOW will you benefit

  • You’ll have insights about your personal leadership effectiveness and your impact on others as an Agile leader.
  • Envision a design for the professional results and the life you want to create using the integral model.
  • Trans4mation Integral Agile Framework
  • Lots of practical exercises, tools and techniques to use
    in each of the quadrants.

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WHO should enroll

  • Agile Agents
  • Agile Managers
  • Agile Sponsors
  • Agile Coaches
  • Agile Champions
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Transformational Leaders

WHAT you will learn

  • Consciously leading Agile Transformations
  • Core Agile Principles and Practices and their application within the Integral Agile Framework
  • Understanding of the Integral Agile Framework and how to use this as a compass for coaching Agile transformations
  • Understanding of Organizational Change, the types of change
  • Understand your role as an Agile Change Leader
  • Understand Adult Stages of Development and its application to leadership and business results
  • Observe professional coaching demos live to demonstrate active listening, effective inquiry using powerful questions, etc.

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Meet Your Instructors

Our International Instructors have extensive EXPERIENCE & EDUCATION in their areas of EXPERTISE, which also makes them Inspirational Role Models for those who learn from them.

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