Pranav Patel

Joins LSF Global as People Solutions Consultant in India


LSF Global is pleased to announce the joining of Pranav Patel as People Solutions Consultant. He has a pivotal role in providing comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of LSF Global’s clients.

Pranav is a versatile professional with expertise in leadership training, organizational development, research, business analysis, finance, and people solutions. He has a successful track record in various domains, including corporate, politics, and public service. Pranav has held executive positions, including CEO, at a research-based organization in India focused on training and mentoring leaders.

He is also a Director at the Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership and a PhD Researcher Scholar at the University of Mumbai. Pranav has taught at esteemed educational institutes and has over eight years of experience in the banking industry, having held high-ranking positions at HSBC and Standard Chartered.

He has a deep understanding of “Kautilya’s Arthashastra,” an ancient Indian book on economic principles and governance, and has applied its teachings to the modern world.

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