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Why do we need
Assessment Centers?

How do we
Approach it?

Tools we leverage
for Assessments?

Why do we need Assessment Centers?

Why Organizations Use Assessment Centres

Assessment centres are useful, for you as well as for the organization.

This testing process allows organizations to see how employees would react in an environment similar to the one that they’d be working in. The tasks, activities, and problem scenarios in assessment centres should all mimic real situations. Their ability to work through these, gives interviewers an in-depth look at whether they are the right fit for the role.

Assessment centres are also useful for screening groups of potential candidates, all at one time. This process also benefits employees – going through this sort of assessment helps them get a good sense of the knowledge and skills that they’ll need in their role. It also serves as a realistic “job preview,” which allows them to see whether they’re likely to enjoy the work and the organizational culture. They can then decide whether them and the organization will be a good fit.

Assessment Centers

Our Unique Approach

Assess Potential

In this VUCA* world, you need people who are not only competent now, but also has the learning agility to face future challenges. Our assessment is designed to assess both competency & learning potential

Flexible Design

From an interview to assess potential, to a 2-7 days intensive assessment center, we adapt our approach to your needs. We offer both off-the-shelf and customizable tools, and can train up your staff to be assessors.

Fair to Candidates

Candidates often describe our assessment center as a valuable learning experience because each person will be given useful feedback, in a way which help them reflect and apply learnings in their job.

Pillars of Our Assessments


Readiness measures one‘s current capability against expectations to perform a particular role. The criteria can be tailored to the organization‘s existing competency model.


Potential measures one‘s speed and willingness to grow. Our Learning Agility Model (grit, growth mindset, IQ & EQ) offers insight to the ability of a person to adapt quickly to new, diverse roles within an organization.


Motivation refers to the drivers, goals and values of the person which determine the direction of behaviors. Leadership motivation and career aspirations are core pieces of our assessment.

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How do we Approach it?

We Partner and Co-Create with You


A clear objective or statement that address your needs
We work with you to co-define the core of your needs and challenges. We encourage ourselves to think beyond assumptions and biases.


Well-rounded insights from different angles on the defined objective
We collect perspectives from key stakeholders and engage them at the early stage to gather buy-in.


Actionable & innovative solutions only for you
We brainstorm the solutions with you by providing our expertise and innovative ideas in exchange for your organizational insights and feedback.


A solution with rounds of review and feedback
We tailor the solutions for you that aim to solve your short-term needs but also align with your long-term strategy and objectives.


A more mature solution that is ready to scale up
We pilot the solution with you and we stand by your side to work together to make the solution better.

Tools we leverage for Assessments


Standard simulations from our library, covering a range of scenarios:

  • Group discussion
  • Customer meeting
  • Employee conversation
  • Peer collaboration

Simulations are not specific to the client industry:

  • Saves design time
  • No prior knowledge required
  • Focuses on leadership and collaboration skills

Customized Approach

Simulations designed to reflect real challenges of the role and the organization.

Scenarios are designed after needs analysis:

  • Relevance to real work
  • Assesses internal competency model 
  • Can act as a job preview to future roles

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