3 Ways How Learning and Development Help Manage Talent

In the past couple of years, the one thing that has remained constant is CHANGE and the one thing that has changed the most is how we work.

Whether adapting to remote or hybrid working, new and emergent technology or finding new ways to be more accountable and productive, the demands at the workplace continue to change.

The biggest challenge that businesses face today is of managing the workforce. As traditional jobs get automated and workforces scattered across the globe, the way businesses attract, recruit, onboard, develop and retain talent is undergoing a change that will continue into the future.

Businesses need to have a renewed focus on enabling employees to develop new skills so that they don’t get obsolete and to build agile companies with strong cultures to stay competitive.

It is here that a robust Learning and Development program can significantly help a business to grow and empower employees.

The 3 ways how L&D help businesses to manage workforce are

1. Upskilling/Reskilling for the Hybrid Workplace

With hybrid working increasingly becoming the norm, employees need to be upskilled and reskilled on constantly evolving digital processes and tools. In addition, communication, collaboration, and change leadership skills are also key in building an agile business and a strong company culture to scattered workforces spread across the globe.

2. Delivering continuous employee engagement

Investing in workforce development and empowering employees with continuous learning opportunities will pay dividends now and beyond. It will facilitate employee productivity by keeping employees engaged and satisfied in their work, boost employee retention, and support the innovation needed to grow revenue.

3. Emphasizing ROI

Everyone from a junior executive to the CEO are interested in how they can align training and knowledge with their business objectives because they have seen the direct correlation between business success and developing critical skills.

L&D program includes tools to track employee learning progress and provide metrics the C Suite needs to understand how L&D impacts the overall business.

In Conclusion

Employee Learning is the hero in bolstering higher employee retention rates, engagement, and productivity.

A well-thought-out L&D program closely tied to larger business objectives and is cost-effective (and people-effective) will continue to be front runners in adapting to the constant changes in the corporate landscape.

Businesses should see this challenge as an opportunity to further enshrine learning and development as the future of the workplace.

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