Train the Trainer Program: What is it? and Why is it important?

It is often found that Corporate Trainers and subject matter expert instructors are well-versed with the content of the training but lack expertise in the process of facilitating the training itself. For trainers, not only is it important to have the knowledge, training design skill, or confidence to deliver but it’s also critical for them to stay competitive, facilitate result-driven learning and ensure retention of knowledge in their trainees.

A Train the Trainer Program is a learning & development framework run for corporate trainers, facilitators, subject matter experts, and aspiring trainers to enable them to learn the necessary skills to train others. They get to understand the various functions and techniques that are used to maintain the interest of the learners and to motivate them.

Typically, a train the trainer program is a series of Masterclasses conducted by expert trainers who provide coaching, necessary skills, and techniques, practice sessions, and feedback that is invaluable in setting up new trainers for success.

Train the Trainer Programmes have more recently been adapted so that they can be delivered in the virtual workspace; facilitating a broader reach to the remote working population by providing an online Train the Trainer program. This allows for these programs to take place on a much wider and more consistent scale with greater reach.

LSF Global
conducts both virtual and physical Train the Trainer program by expert Coaches and Trainers.

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To stay competitive in today’s modern world, organizations need to implement continuous, results-driven business training for the employees to maintain productivity and profitability. To achieve this, corporate trainers need to be equipped with practical skills and up-to-date training strategies.

A-Train the Trainer program can provide individuals with not only the techniques and the confidence needed to design and deliver effective training, but also help to reinforce the other critical skills trainers require in order to facilitate successful workshops and ensure learning transfer and learner knowledge retention.

A good Train the Trainer program should help you to :

  1. Apply current practices in delivering training on a selected evidence-based program.
  2. Deliver proven facilitative skills to promote learner engagement, reflective practice, critical thinking, and skill acquisition.
  3. Show mastery in delivering key training strategies commonly used; such as brainstorming, processing/ process checks, roleplays, and practice sessions.
  4. Use appropriate levels of intervention when managing difficult training situations, including adult learner behavior/ psychology
  5. Initiate a personal plan of action to strengthen their training and facilitation skills.

LSF Global’s in its endeavor to build a pool of competent trainers keeps conducting Train the Trainer by their master trainers and expert coaches.

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