Board Meeting

Has your Board ever considered an outside facilitator for your next Board retreat or meeting? Our facilitators are expert at designing and facilitating Board retreats and meetings that can bring multiple stakeholders and perspectives together for a variety of purposes.

Create Your Unique Board Retreats

We follow a three – four step approach to create an interactive and effective Board Retreat or meeting for your board:

  • It begins with an initial Needs Assessment; then a customized design is created to meet your needs; and then the retreat is facilitated.
  • Often, we support organizations in a variety of follow-up steps to ensure the decisions and plans developed at the board meeting are quickly implemented by the organization’s staff; or in the association’s leadership & membership.

We help you build higher levels of teamwork, communication, collaboration, and trust; as well as integrate new Board team members into existing Board teams.
Generate insight and guidance into an organization’s strategic and operational plans using an array of interactive facilitation methods.

If your Board retreat would benefit from interactive team building to energize the agenda, and get Board team members engaged for deeper collaboration, our senior facilitators can conduct highly effective team exercises that are fun, brief, professional and cost effective.

Tailoring Your Board Meetings:

As guides, we provide wise counsel to leaders and their organisations on how to create sustainable and liberating leadership cultures. We are passionate about helping heart and soul guided leaders to be their greatest selves and make the worlds they operate in kinder and more intelligent. We help leaders to better navigate and thrive through the complexity and chaos of systems they operate in.

To get started planning your board retreat.