Building a Hybrid Work Culture


In co-located teams, where people are generally in the same office, culture can evolve organically: through shared experiences, team activities, collaboration etc. Building a remote team culture can also happen organically, but it requires more deliberate thought and proactive effort to shape. In a remote team, it’s easy to end up only interacting with your teammates work-related things.

HOW will you benefit

  • Understand the challenges in creating culture for remote teams vs. co-located teams
  • Learn how communication can help you build strong culture
  • How to assess cultural aspects of new hires in your remote team
  • Importance of Transparency in creating work culture

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WHO should enroll

  • This course is designed to help managers who have to manage teams located in two or more locations.
  • Also applicable to overseas management and managing team members who work from home.

WHAT you will learn

  • Introductions and Course Objectives
  • How to create a strong culture in Remote Teams
  • How Communication is important in building culture
  • How hiring has a direct impact on culture of your teams
  • Creating Context and Transparency can help

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