Business Strategy Offsite

In many organizations goals and objectives are cascaded down from above. This is not the situation we will be discussing here. Rather we will focus on jointly establishing goals and objectives as a first step in developing a strategic plan for achieving those goals.

LSF senior facilitators are expert at designing, planning and facilitating Strategic Business Offsites that can bring multiple stakeholders and perspectives together for a variety of purposes.

LSF has designed and facilitated Offsites and meetings that have helped Companies to:

  • Build higher levels of teamwork, communication, collaboration, and trust; as well as integrate new Board team members into existing Board teams.
  • Generate insight and guidance into an organization’s strategic and operational plans using an array of interactive facilitation methods.
  • Provide input into defining & refining an organization’s vision, strategies & key growth initiatives.
  • Launch sub-committees and task forces to ensure implementation of Board priorities and directives.
  • Resolve and mediate challenging conflict on teams, and move the team members to new levels of alignment and unity.

Business Strategy Meeting Facilitation with Professional-Grade Team Building:

The Team would benefit from interactive team building to energize the agenda, and get team members engaged for deeper collaboration, our senior facilitators conduct highly effective team exercises that are fun, brief and professional.

Tailoring Your Unique Business Strategy Offsite

LSF’s facilitators follow a four step approach to create an interactive and effective Board Offsite or Retreat.
1. It begins with an initial Needs Assessment;
2. A customized design is created to meet your needs;
3. Then the retreat is facilitated.
4. We support you in a variety of follow-up steps to ensure the decisions & plans developed at the board meeting are implemented under guided leadership.

To get started planning your corporate retreat.