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Career Planning

Career planning is a step-wise process which enables an individual to focus on where to want to be in life professionally. With the short-term goal and the long-term goals in place, career planning can help to plan their journey in their professional life. Self-assessment is necessary to understand one’s capabilities and drawbacks. It involves continuous learning and improvement to build and growth in the chosen career path. A good career planning helps a person grow in life in their professional career, which also help them grow personally.

From an organisation’s view point, career planning stands for the forward looking employment policies of it which take into account the career of individual employees involved in various tasks. It unites organisational human resource planning with individual career needs. Individual career goals and career path in conformity with individual capabilities and aspirations are matched with the manpower planning in a human resource development programme.

This is necessary to properly motivate the people to identify themselves fully with the organisation, and to ensure expected level of organisational commitment. It also develops people for managerial succession. In brief, career planning is a managerial technique for mapping out the entire career of employees from the employment stage to the retirement stage. It involves discovery, development, planned employment and reemployment.

The Career Workshop includes the following four sections:

My Goals

Help you begin evaluating your talents, interests, and values. You will also set goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

My Resources

Assists you in identifying and developing the resources you will need to reach your goals.

My Interaction with Resources

Teaches how to make powerful impressions while networking, during interviews, and in writing resumes, cover letters, thank-you notes, and applications.

My Continued Success

Help you prepare to negotiate the salary and benefits of your new position, be successful in your new job, grow in the company, and advance in your career.

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We run career growth workshops for both candidates and managers.

Career Workshops

Most of us want to grow our Careers but very few of us know how to go about it. Is it your Boss’s responsibility?

We deliver a series of career skills workshops and activities to assist you with career planning, and building professional skills for the growth of your career.

With our Specialised Career Workshops you will learn:

  • About the Factors that lead to growth of Careers
  • Explore the relationship between Career Growth & Career Development
  • Review the Education vs. Experiences debate
  • Understand the paradox of Hard Skills versus Soft Skills
  • Leverage the power of Collaboration
  • Learn how to approach your Development through internal & external sources

Popular Career Workshops Topics

Our workshops are delivered by professionals and industry experts & practitioners who have been working and practising their knowledge for a long time. Our workshops are a valuable opportunity to gain key information to support your career growth with key tools &  tips. Here are some of the Popular Workshop Topics that are designed to help you move your career forward by offering training in all facets of career and professional development.

We run career growth workshops for both candidates and managers.