Classroom Training



LSF approaches each workshop from a business perspective. Our locally-based facilitators are former business executives, allowing them to draw on first-hand examples that are highly relevant to participants. With consultants in 8 countries, we offer customised support in most of the geographies.

A Focus On Engagement And Action

Each workshop is designed for open and constructive feedback. We want the participants to become aware of their individual strengths and areas for improvement and to fully understand how the content relates to their success in the workplace.

Whenever possible, our workshops draw on self-assessments, experiential learning, case studies, self-reflection, and small group discussions to engage participants and help them apply what is learned.

At the end of the workshop, participants complete an action plan to identify the next steps for applying the learnings. By putting action plans in writing, participants are more likely to continue to develop their new mindset, skills, and behaviours over the long term.

Our Approach


Each of our facilitators is a business leader with expertise in the local markets in which he/she resides. We hire facilitators who are able to draw on their own direct case studies to engage the participants in a way that encourages action.


  • 2 hours, ½ day, 1 day, 2 days, 6 months or more
  • Locally-based facilitators
  • Local language delivery
  • Pre-work, articles, and questionnaires
  • Group discussions, case studies, and role-plays
  • Experiential learning and business simulations
  • Personalised feedback
  • Facilitator and peer coaching
  • Self-reflection and action planning
  • Centralised logistical support


Rich with role-plays, exercises, and experiential learning activities, Our workshops are designed with a “learn-by-doing” approach. This approach takes the participants out of the strict lecture format in order to engage with the material on a deeper level, opens up new windows to insight, and ensures that the lessons stick.

Before and during the workshop, we help the participants create their own case study that they will work on throughout the workshop. By working with real-life examples in which they have direct knowledge, each participant is able to directly apply what they learn at each stage of the process.


Each session is designed with mileposts for self-reflection and action planning. At the end of the workshop, participants consider what they will start, stop and continue doing once they return to the workplace. By returning with a clear plan of action, participants are more likely to retain and apply what they have learned.

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