Collaborative Negotiation


As today’s business environment becomes more complex, an ability to secure advantageous deal terms while protecting relationships with others is essential to success. While pursuing substantive goals such as deliverables, parameters, and price points are paramount, savvy professionals understand the importance of cultivating long-term relationships with counterparts.

HOW will you benefit

  • This program helps professional develop skills for realizing their substantive negotiation objectives
  • Will able to protect the important relationships with colleagues, clients, and other counterparts.
  • The program is customized to meet the specific challenges faced by your organization and your staff.

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WHO should enroll

Agency executives, mid-managers, regional managers, management experts, Senior managers, team leaders, coordinators, supervisors, and regional directors/supervisors.

WHAT you will learn

  • Participants will learn a proven framework for collaborative negotiation
  • How the model can help them enjoy better outcomes.
  • Learn how to increase value for all parties, as well as how to prepare for a negotiation, navigate opposition, and divide value.
  • Mixture of lectures, exercises, facilitated discussions, and customized case-study analyses, participants will walk away with greater confidence and ability
  • Developed a skill set that is immediately actionable and that will improve their results in all types of negotiation contexts.

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Meet Your Instructors

Our International Instructors have extensive EXPERIENCE & EDUCATION in their areas of EXPERTISE, which also makes them Inspirational Role Models for those who learn from them.

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