Talent management remains a top business and HR issue as organisations report capability and leadership challenges worldwide. Technology, globalization, and growing government regulation are reshaping the way people work, learn, collaborate, and lead. New and innovative HR programs are becoming essential to attract and keep critical talent in an increasingly demand driven talent market.

People analytics, also known as human resource (HR) analytics and talent analytics, is form of big data that applies math, statistics and modeling to worker-related data to see and predict patterns. In particular, HR departments use people analytics to make better decisions about all aspects of HR strategy with the goal of improving business performance.

This testing process allows organizations to see how employees would react in an environment similar to the one that they’d be working in. The tasks, activities, and problem scenarios in assessment centres should all mimic real situations. Their ability to work through these, gives interviewers an in-depth look at whether they are the right fit for the role.

Change is unavoidable, but as humans we have a natural resistance toward it. And although it may be difficult, you can either change with the time, or be changed by the time. It is the organisations’ that make change part of the way they think and act that will shape the future.

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