Corporate Offsites

Has your Board ever considered an outside facilitator for your next Board retreat or meeting? Our facilitators are expert at designing and facilitating Board retreats and meetings that can bring multiple stakeholders and perspectives together for a variety of purposes.

In many organizations goals and objectives are cascaded down from above. This is not the situation we will be discussing here. Rather we will focus on jointly establishing goals and objectives as a first step in developing a strategic plan for achieving those goals.

Your leaders deserve a highly effective, interactive corporate conference that will strengthen their bonds, and also catalyse positive organizational change. With LSF, your corporate conference will accomplish all of that, and more.

Today’s leadership teams need time away together to build stronger relationships and focus on important leadership team dynamics, as well as key issues & opportunities for positive change.

There’s nothing like a trip to bring a company together. Employees feel rewarded for all their hard work, and the team gets to bond in a one-of-a-kind way they’ll never forget. A corporate offsite fosters productivity, motivation, and a sense of comradery in the team.

When was the last time you went on a team building event? Hopefully, it wasn’t the time you had your life’s worst hangover. Of course, it could end up better than that, with new memories and deeper friendships with your co-workers. Even if you thought: ‘’this was the best team building ever!’’, we guarantee there is something even better – a company retreat!

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