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  • Finding that a broad-brushed approach is not making the most of your limited budget?
  • Having difficulty directly matching the best learning solution to the business issue?
  • Struggling to apply risk concepts to the reality of daily routine?
  • Problems connecting with your learners?

LSF custom eLearning content development service is attuned to the specific needs and requirements of each of our clients and their user base. For time critical information, this may involve creating short rapid courses. For larger scale projects, it may involve the designdevelopment and delivery of media rich games, exploratory 3D environments and virtual simulations.

Whatever the business requirement, LSF ensures application of knowledge in a learner’s daily activity through best-in-class instructional design techniques. With job-relevant storylines and client-specific scenarios, our solutions transfer core knowledge in an engaging manner assuring users’ confidence in learning.

With a client list that covers some of the world’s largest organizations, LSF custom eLearning solutions can also be designed to meet the various language requirements, cultural differences and learning levels of a global workforce. Combined with our ability to deploy across multiple platforms and devices, learners can access knowledge at a time and place that is convenient for them.

Save on Costs

By building a course once and deploying to desktop, iPad and Android tablet, LSF provides organizations with the flexibility to support corporate device and BYOD policies.

Reduce Risk

We tailor your programs to address different groups with precise, targeted personalised learning, directly addressing on-the-job requirements.

Enhance Performance

We use scenarios, simulations and game based interaction to help learners experience challenging situations in a managed environment.

Go Global

LSF delivers custom eLearning solutions in over 120 countries and in over 25 languages.  We understand cultural nuances.  We support rollouts on a national, regional or global basis. LSF clients very often benefit by rationalizing costs through adopting global programs that deliver on the business objective at the same time as meeting local needs.

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Custom elearning Design

Who We Are

Life Skills foundation (LSF) was founded by a group of Passionate Professionals in 2013. Our founders have a solid track record of holding Senior Management Positions with Global firms and also establishing successful Entrepreneurship ventures. Functionally, their experience & expertise revolves around Business, Technology & Human Resources. Headquartered in Hong Kong, LSF has a presence in Asia & Partners in most Key Markets across the world.

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