Design and development

Design and Development

The right content. The right flow. The right approach.

Our Solutions Team works with you to create customised learning solutions to suit your custom requirements. Whether tailoring a pre-existing workshop or creating new content, our team of highly experienced instructional designers, subject matter experts, and project managers calibrate the learning methodologies to your team’s unique specifications.

Our Approach


LSF offers the full range of customisation options for each programme: 

  • Content development
  • Timing and duration
  • Role-plays and case studies
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Pre- and post-workshop engagements
  • Evaluation and measurement
  • Extended learning solutions
  • Translation and branding
  • Internal communications material

End-To-End Content Support

Our team follows a defined process for understanding your specific needs, designing the learning curriculum, and creating all learning materials. At each stage, our approach draws on proven adult learning methodologies.


We understand your situation by conducting interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders, employee surveys, and competency analysis throughout the organisation.


We conceptualise programme flow and agendas and identify the key success criteria and training methodologies in coordination with key stakeholders.


We develop workshop content from initial concept to delivery of the workshop materials using best in class tools and techniques.

Our Solutions Team

Our team of project managers, instructional designers, subject matter experts and account managers are on hand to deliver the solution for your geography, timeline and budget.

Project Management

Our project managers drive the day-to-day activities, ensuring a smooth process from project kick-off to final delivery.

Content Expertise

Our content managers and subject matter experts develop methodologies, flows, and materials, ensuring that all learning modules deliver the desired outcome.

Logistical Support

Our account managers coordinate facilitators, venues, and participants, ensuring that all elements are in place for a successful programme delivery at the ground level.

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