Development Assessment

LSF’s Development Assessment, also known as development center or potential assessment, the aim is to empower your employees with tips, tools, techniques and frameworks on how they can further develop within the organisation. If the employee knows his/her growth path within the organisation and also knows how he/she can get to climb the ladder, it is most likely that the employee will remain loyal to the organisation and will work for a longer period as compared to others, resulting in increased productivity and profits.

Our endeavour is to help organizations grow, which can only be achieved when the manpower is skilled, motivated and aligned to company goals, Development Assessments are a step towards growth.

Employers use development assessments to spot potential and talent in employees and to ensure that employees develop in a positive way. Any problems or weaknesses will be noticed by the assessment, so measures can be taken.

Development Assessment Needs Analysis

To conduct Development needs Analysis (DNA) using GapFlix

Features and Benefits:

Questionnaire Completion One questionnaire measures 175 factors related to work preferences, traits, engagement can be completed online in 20 minutes, saves time and prevents test fatigue. Data factors collected enables multiple reports and dashboards that can be generated later if required. Check with your authorized HA Partner.

Dashboard Reports–The reports are available once the questionnaire is completed making it easy to collect the information. Competency Dashboard, Competency Analysis, Individual Analysis.

Assessment Tool–Using Harrison Assessment provides objectivity and improves the DNA process as the results can be obtained immediately after completion. Individual reports identifies personalized and actionable development roadmap (IDP/PDP)

Competencies–The identified core competencies can be customised for the company, and the resultant report can reflect the scorings for each competency making it easier for the analysis to be conducted, and the gaps for development are easily identified, and is aligned with the company’s competency requirements.

Process Flow

We provide development assessments to help individuals develop scientifically, e.g. Strengths Finder & DISC