Discrimination & Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment is a major problem that affects many organisations. The consequences of not addressing sexual harassment in your workplace are dire. Sexual harassment constitutes behaviour that leads to, and perpetuates, a working environment in which it becomes unpleasant to work. The ultimate consequence of allowing sexual harassment to go unchecked is that it leads to the under-performance of those employees subjected to this form of conduct.

HOW will you benefit

  • Demonstrate an understanding of what sexual harassment is
  • Identify the elements of sexual harassment
  • Identify the criteria for sexual harassment
  • Identify the different types of harassers
  • Identify the typical victims
  • Differentiate between the myths and facts on sexual
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the two main types of sexual harassment

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WHO should enroll

Anyone interested in understanding what Sexual Harassment is, its consequences and how to cope up with it, will benefit tremendously from this course.

WHAT you will learn

  • Identify sexual harassment, different causes of sexual harassment
  • Explain why some people hesitate to talk about sexual harassment
  • Identify consequences & ways of preventing of sexual harassment
  • How to handle sexual harassment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the laws that deal with sexual harassment
  • Sexual harassment and case law
  • Investigating sexual harassment cases for disciplinary hearings
  • How to counsel victims of sexual harassment

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