Retail business nowadays is tough, consumer expectation is high, customers coming from all over the world not only bring good business, but also increase the potential of cultural conflicts. The growing culture of complaints post a great risk on the company’s reputation if disputes are not handled quickly and effectively. Effective dispute management will require the use of communication skill sets which has been deployed in mediation. Learning to leverage these skills will be crucial for company to prosper.

HOW will you benefit

  • Understand the mechanism behind consumer disputes;
  • Skill sets to handle consumer disputes;
  • Understanding mediation meetings.
  • Be equipped with the skills needed in mediation advocacy

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WHO should enroll

Human resources professionals, management executives
and frontline staff who wish to know more about the application of mediation skill set in the context of consumer dispute resolution.

WHAT you will learn

  • Which dispute resolution process is most suitable?
  • The legal landscape of dispute resolution
  • The mediation process – what to expect
  • When to choose mediation
  • Incorporating mediation into your practical toolkit
  • Convincing others to mediate – promoting the process to clients and other parties
  • Logistics of organising the mediation
  • Preparing the team for their role in the process

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