Effective Decision Making


About 35,000 decisions are taken by a person every day. It is essential to ensure
that these decisions are helping you to navigate changes, the basis of decisions
are understood clearly and that they are informed decisions.

Decision making is empowering when conducted with awareness. This course is
structured to help participants become more aware of their decision making skills and how to improve upon those.

HOW will you benefit

  • Understand the essential components of decision making
  • How decisions are made
  • How decisions can impact everyone involved
  • Understanding how to make more informed decisions that have a positive and sustainable impact on the individual
    and business

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WHO should enroll

  • Client facing personnel
  • Business development managers
  • Business leaders

WHAT you will learn

  • Understanding how decisions are made and their impact.
  • The importance of effective decision making in a business.
  • Self-awareness around current and future decision making skills.

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