# LSF Digital Learning

EndUser Traning

"The best software on Earth is a failure if the team can’t use it….."

The LSF Learning Consultants play a pivotal role in the success of development and execution of Learning Strategies

What We Offer?

“Over half of enterprise software initiatives don’t reach their full potential due to low adoption rates.” Training of the end users is one of the most important steps for a successful system implementation.

Customizable Content

Customised training solutions for each client

Motive and Planning

Based on their individual needs and unique characteristics

Research and Preparation

We take the time to understand your organization before we start a training

Technical Offerings

Consistent & synergized programs with our client's standards and processes, and industry best practices

Training Portfolio

Our wHolistic training portfolio includes Corporate Training, Behavioural and Soft Skills coaching, Leadership and Management Development, Corporate Offsites and special programs on team building.

How to Train Employees about New Technology

Before you can start enjoying the benefits of the new software, you need to get over the biggest hurdle of integrating technology: training employees. This is a make or-break moment. Making the training process as painless as possible encourages employees to get behind new software. That is where LSF can help you achieve success.

Our experts design a layout of the training manual, and what each functional and technical areas of the system should be included.

Design any support materials that may be needed for use during training. A separate training guide may be developed that show the navigation paths or the Query’s.

Developing the training manual and other documentation on the functional and technical areas of the system.

Develop required support materials that may be needed for use during training.

Training Videos and manuals will be prepared by the experts which will try to engage the participants so that they enjoy the training.

Our expert facilitators deliver interactive trainings to engage the audience to make the training experience memorable.

Walk-through material will be prepared to help employees with self-paced learning, this offers another avenue for employees to build their skills and gain confidence in the new software program.

Our Customers think

The knowledge is relevant, practical to takeaway. Emotion control, self-awareness, self mastery.


So much exercise for us to practicing. And very helpful about these knowledge might affect my life.


My facilitator delivers his message in an interesting way, and the suggestions are pretty concrete.


Interactive and managed to maintain the group’s energy level throughout the session Control.


Looking for user end training for your employees?