6 July to 14 August

Future Skills for Young Leaders

LSF Global Social Initiative

What plans do you have for your kids to engage during this Summer? Some are doing dance, drama... we have a unique idea. How about preparing them to be a FUTURE LEADER!

About this Event

The FUTURE of WORK is going to be very different than what it is now... so as parents we can expose our kids to learn these skills:

During this course, we discuss the process for developing and demonstrating leadership in students by covering many topics which directly relate to leadership. By understanding these topics you’ll know that it’s not just one thing which can help you become an impactful leader, rather you need to work on number of things to make it happen.

  • How to manage Time
  • How to create Impact
  • How to face Failure/Adversity
  • How to develop Relationships
  • How to develop Mental Resilience
  • Whom to Trust and how much
  • How to Negotiate and sell

Key Takeaways:

  • Student leaders become aware of their role and understand the importance of developing character traits for better leadership.
  • Student leaders develop resilience and empowering attitude towards failure.
  • Student leaders feel powerful, creative, unique and eager to take on tasks they previously perceived as difficult or even impossible.
  • Student leaders develop time management skills and function better under time pressure.
  • Student leaders become self-motivated and positive, measuring themselves by progress and improvement even in the absence of immediate results.
  • Student leaders shifting from dependency to empowerment and initiative.
  • Student leaders increase self worth and are tuned to their own belief system and values.
  • Target Student leaders understand the two sides of power and learn to take responsibility over their own thoughts, beliefs and actions.
  • Student leaders improve their public speaking skills and feel more confident speaking in front of large audience
  • Student leaders learn to work in a team and lead a team.
  • Student leaders adopt a positive outlook on life and empower others around them to make a positive difference in the world around them.
  • Student leaders begin to affect their friends, classmates, school community and social circles positively with their developed social skills.

Who Should Enroll:

Students age groups of 10-15 years who are young and passionate towards there career.


6 July - 14 August


Tung Chung, Hong Kong