Facilitation Skills Training


Why do we need Facilitations Skills? Meetings, discussions, conferences, brainstorming sessions, impromptu get togethers, inter-departmental talks: these are the kinds of situations most people encounter at work on an ongoing basis. There are some situations where an objective eye is vital. This program covers the basics of group dynamics and essentials of discussion management, it will help you strengthen your Facilitation Skills.

HOW will you benefit

  • To explain your role as a facilitator
  • To Identify your preferred facilitation style & how it can be adapted to meet the needs of different groups
  • Recognise appropriate facilitation interventions to maximise contributions within the group
  • Use a group working technique that will increase the effectiveness

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WHO should enroll

The course provides comprehensive facilitator training for Executives who facilitate trainings/ meetings and want to gain maximum audience participation and contribution, teaching you the art of effective facilitation.

WHAT you will learn

  • In this practical course, participants will learn how to facilitate trainings/ meetings to maximise individual and group contributions, in order to achieve the desired objective.
  • The facilitator will demonstrate a range of group working methods that the participants can practice and use in the meetings they facilitate.
  • Participants will be given the opportunity to try out a group working method and use their facilitation skills in the practical context of their own work, helping them to prepare prior to the next meeting they will be facilitating.

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