Finding Your Passion at Work


We all have a dream, a passion, and purpose, something we want to achieve in life that we cherish and keep close to our heart. Sometimes we’re aware of it, and sometimes it’s buried so deep that we’re not sure what it is or how we should express it in our lives. This program has been specifically designed to help you get clarity into your purpose and your passion in order to reach a better version of yourself and live a better life!

HOW will you benefit

  • Discover your deeper “why” behind who you are and what you value. Write your very own Meaning Statement.
  • Build a Passion Project that stems from your Meaning Statement.
  • Build agreements with a Passion Partner who will support you and keep you accountable
  • Work on your Passion

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WHO should enroll

For those who are:

  • Feeling stuck, unfulfilled and unhappy
  • Bored and tired of going through the motions
  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem
  • Lacking clarity on who you are, your passions and what to do next.

WHAT you will learn

  • Rediscover your talents, qualities and what people like about you
  • Identify the different stages of your professional career and significant personal experiences to find the common denominator
  • Discover your true interests & Follow the red thread
  • Reconnect with your childhood dreams and the ones you still have today
  • ‘Who Inspires You?’ – Reconnect with inspiring figures and Identify their core values and beliefs
  • ‘Your Passion Statement’ – Reconnect the pieces of the puzzle and see clearly the transversal themes

What our Delegates Say

Meet Your Instructors

Our International Instructors have extensive EXPERIENCE & EDUCATION in their areas of EXPERTISE, which also makes them Inspirational Role Models for those who learn from them.

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