Hiring Remote Teams


Hiring one excellent remote worker is great, but do you want the process to be repeatable and scalable? As you open the doors of your company to applicants all over the world, you will soon realize that handling that kind of workload requires a different approach than hiring locally. What’s more, once you’ve hired a good remote worker, you will be able to have a workflow to scale up and hire more as your company grows.

HOW will you benefit

  • How to recruit a great team of qualified, talented remote workers
  • What are the qualities to look for in a remote Employee
  • Explore the channels available to find the perfect employee to suit your requirements
  • Understand the best practices of remote hiring process

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WHO should enroll

  • Anyone interested in hiring their first remote employee.
  • Managers looking to hire remote workers

WHAT you will learn

  • Introductions and Course Objectives
  • Putting Together a Virtual Team
  • How to Write an Attractive Remote Job Post
  • How to Find Remote Candidates
  • Supporting Your Virtual Team

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