Hong Kong Culture

Values and Working


With a unique history and vibrant economy, Hong Kong continues to be a hub of business and financial activity as well as the gateway to the markets of mainland China. Hong Kong is a city where eastern and western values merge and where traditional Chinese social and business etiquette blends. Understanding Hong Kong’s business culture and way of life is paramount for any professional embarking on the experience of living and working in Hong Kong.

HOW will you benefit

  • General Introduction to Hong Kong
  • The Philosophy of Inter-Personal Relationships
  • Understand the people & what motivates them
  • How their national identity developed through history
  • How to create a positive impression and avoid a negative one
  • To develop strategies for working and doing business in Hong Kong

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WHO should enroll

This course is best suitable for your if you:-

  • Are about to relocate or have just relocated to Hong Kong for business purposes.
  • Work on short-term assignments or projects in Hong Kong and spend periods of time in Hong Kong.

WHAT you will learn

  • General overview of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Culture – Key Concepts and Values
  • Overview of business in Hong Kong
  • Navigating Business in Hong Kong
  • Benefits of Living and Working in Hong Kong
  • Benefits of doing business in Hong Kong

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