Innovation and Design Thinking


Highly successful companies, such as Apple, Virgin, Toyota, and others, innovate continuously because of their culture of Design-Thinking. When done right, this thinking links inspiration and passion to execution and delivery—positively affecting every facet of the product and service.

For you to be successful at work, you need to know how to think like a designer when approaching an engineering task, especially when working within a team or leading a team.

HOW will you benefit

  • The nature of human creativity and innovation,
  • How creativity helps business to solve complex problems,
  • Skills to harness creativity and improve observation skills through an understanding of creativity models and theories,
  • The process and tools of design thinking,
  • Different creativity and design processes and how it can be used to generate better ideas,
  • Customer discovery plan to support workable business innovation.

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WHO should enroll

This course is targeted for design engineers, research engineers, project engineers or managers, product engineers, members of the technical staff, applied scientists, and research scientists.

WHAT you will learn

  • Understanding and applying the Design Process
  • Distinguishing between incremental innovation and radical innovation when creating new solutions
  • Researching and understanding the complex network of stakeholders involved in any project
  • Rapidly creating and refining a vision for any product or service
  • Understanding and using the psychology behind human-machine interface
  • Effectively understanding if your end-users will be delighted by your product or service

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