Introduction to R Programming


Introduction to R Programming training course teaches attendees how to use R programming to explore data from a variety of sources by building inferential models and generating charts, graphs, and other data representations. R as tool is the major component of today's data science, with over 2 million users worldwide R is rapidly becoming the leading programming language. This is an added upskill in the skill list and will help you up the success ladder.

HOW will you benefit

  • Understand the outlining features of R
  • Strong foundation with more hold on basics
  • Data Extraction and Analysis with Machine Learning
  • In-depth knowledge of R as a tool and the applied language
  • Proper application as to where and where not to apply

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WHO should enroll

  • People who are in data industry and look forward to adapting R
  • Experienced professionals who look forward to switch the jobs/ domain to data science & Machine Learning

WHAT you will learn

  • Master the use of the R interactive environment
  • Expand R by installing R packages
  • Explore and understand how to use the R documentation
  • Read Structured Data into R from various sources
  • Understand the different data types in R
  • Understand the different data structures in R
  • Understand how to use dates in R
  • Use R for mathematical operations
  • Use of vectorized calculations

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