Learning and Development

To hire someone and complete the work internally or to outsource the work to someone external? This is the question that many organisations ask themselves about their learning and development function, particularly when it comes to developing courseware (face-to- face, blended or e-learning).

With over several years experience in the learning and development industry, we have experienced all sides of this industry, including:

What does it take for a company to develop & deploy the training content internally.

What are the challenges of hiring a trainer or picking some off-the-shelf courses from a training company’s catalogue

Hiring a consultant/contractor providing instructional design and facilitation services to organisation.

Benefits of Outsourcing your L&D Management

We offer you a range of learning and development solutions which are totally customised for each client.

With over 7 years experience in learning and development and more than 1000 courses built in Articulate Storyline, our consultants are able to assist you with all your design, development and facilitation needs.

Free up your Internal Resources for better Productivity

Get benefit from Specialised Expertise

Better Results with Improved Quality

Very much Cost Effective

No Headcount, helps you keep your headcount under control

Saves you a lot of Time & Efforts to design it Internally

More Objective Resources to dig deeper

No Need to Purchase Software or Training Material

How L&D Outsourcing Works

End to End management of all your People Development needs

End to End Learning Administration

A simple 7 step process is the key, this is how we help you achieve excellence in engaging, retaining and developing Talent.

5 Strategic Areas of Learning Management

L&D strategy is a vital tool for organizations to align the corporate training with business objectives. A successful company does not underestimate its role in meeting the learning and development needs of its workforce. An effective learning and development strategy enables better management of the talent pipeline through human capital development. It helps build a skills base that is rich in both quantity and quality, for a direct impact on the bottom line.


Needs Analysis

We work closely with your team to identify the needs of the organization, be it hiring or training & development.


Aligning it with Business Goals

Develop and shape a learning strategy based on the company’s business and talent strategies.


Assessing Areas of Development

Assessment of capability gaps & personality styles by using various tools in our Assessment Centre.


Designing Learning Journey

Depending on your requirements we will custom design the learning journey to suit your L&D needs.


Implementing the Initiatives

We execute the Learning plan using different tools and Methodologies and create a Blended Journey for best results.


Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up coaching sessions helps in cementing the learning experience of the participants.


Integrating L&D with HR Processes

L&D has an important role to play in recruitment, onboarding, performance management, promotion, workforce, and succession planning.

Our Differentiators

For organizations seeking to reinvent their talent management capabilities through a strategic outsourcing collaboration focused on the learning organization, LSF offers distinctive assets and resources across the full range of learning outsourcing activities.

Planning and Alignment

  • Planning & managing learning in a way that optimizes learning’s impact within an environment of limited resources.
  • Identifying and generating innovations in L&D and in operations.
  • Identifying and tracking the key performance indicators that demonstrate the impact of learning on the business.

Increased productivity

  • LSF offers advanced methods and assets to build, buy and reuse innovative, relevant and effective learning content.
  • Our deep industry knowledge, global experience & focus on innovation enables us to bring subject-matter expertise to our clients whenever needed.
  • One of our key differentiators is our ability to leverage our network of onshore and offshore Content Development Centers of Excellence.


  • We provide a full range of services in support of instructor capability development, including procuring, training and certification, and then monitoring and quality assurance.
  • Equally impressive is our commitment to continuous innovation in learning
  • Blended learning—involving an effective and cost-efficient mix of classroom and electronic learning—is also an area of our expertise.

Administration and Support

  • We provide industry-leading administration and learning management by
    leveraging a shared services model.
  • Our Global Infrastructure gives us the ability to support both large-scale
    learning programs, as well as continuous, anytime learning.
  • Virtual classes have allowed us to provide an effective and highly interactive way to support continuous learning through seminars and workshops.

With its learning and development management services offering, LSF helps its clients in the private and public sector create a talent-powered organization—one with distinctive workforce capabilities that can drive market differentiation, sustainable competitive advantage and high performance.

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