Leadership Resilience


Resilience is a core leadership competency that is the backbone of your ability to renew yourself in the face of adversity, and our biggest business challenge can be resilience in relationships. Whether it is with customers or colleagues we are always tested on our ability to modulate our skill sets, to stay confident and competent, and to deliver, sustain and grow value.

HOW will you benefit

  • Realize how to retain your power & positively direct your
    behaviour despite all mindsets
  • Use awareness of your emotions to stay confident, flexible, and focused and remain objective in your thought processes
  • Have an enhanced sensitivity towards the feelings and
    motivations of others, with greater empathy
  • A toolkit of self-management strategies that will help you
    sustain your resilience

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WHO should enroll

  • Team leaders, executives, supervisors, managers
  • Anyone else who wants to develop strong resilience

WHAT you will learn

  • Self-Awareness: the ability to manage ones tendencies whilst under pressure is an essential component of self-mastery.
  • Self-Regulation: you will learn easy-to-use self-management tools and techniques that will enable you to regain composure in uncomfortable situations and give you more choice in how you respond in relationships.
  • Emotional Intelligence: understanding emotions and the impact they have on attitude and behaviour is fundamental to personal resilience.
  • Social Awareness: social awareness increases your sensitivity to the feelings of others and your ability to recognize their underlying meanings and motivation.

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