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Why LSF CPD Programs?

LSF CPD programs are designed to enhance and broaden the competence and ongoing development of the financial new entrants and existing practitioners who carry out regulated activities to perform their duties competently and professionally.

Benefits of Our CPD Programs

Our Design

Our courses are designed carefully by the experts to meet the development needs of every learner from financial institutions.

Our Coverage

Our courses cover most sought-after knowledge and skills for the market practitioners. These courses always carry latest information & industry trends.

Our Trainers & Speakers

Our trainers and speakers are subject-matter experts who help you understand the topics with live industry examples and real-life success stories

Our Support

We have a dedicated CPD Support Team who has extensive experiences in administrating the stringent CPD attendance requirements.

How we can help you?

Identify the ‘Topics’ OR state your ‘Theme’ to conduct training.

Share your business objectives and expected outcomes with us.

We will then customize the program/journey to align with your business objectives.

LSF CPD Topics

Economics, Banking & Finance

  • Banking Risks and Practical Financial Statements Analysis
  • Corporate Finance, Corporate Lending , Corporate Valuation, Financial Management
  • Company Law and Legal Documents
  • Global Treasury - Market Risk, Capital Markets and Products
  • Credit Risk Assessment & Supply Chain Financing
  • Life of a Trade
  • Regulatory Framework in Treasury Markets
  • Tools & Techniques for Managing Liquidity Risk & Managing Interest Rate Risk
  • Outlook of Global macroeconomic and the Impact of Rate Hiking Cycle
  • Economic Behaviour
  • Equity Markets, Fixed Income
  • Equity Valuation & Analysis
  • Commodities, Derivatives, Forwards & Futures
  • Foreign Exchange (FX) Market, Bond Markets
  • Options: Interest Rate Options, Exotic Options, Swaps, Equity Derivatives, Contracts for Difference (CFDs), Credit Derivatives
  • Securitization, Structured Products, Asian Securities Markets, Securities Lending, Technical Analysis, Islamic Banking & Finance

LSF CPD Topics

GBA, ESG & Green Finance

  • 大灣區金融發展展望:香港銀行和金融業在大灣區發展中可擔當的角色及機遇
  • 大灣區綱要導讀–金融業務及綠色金融
  • 大灣區外匯機制下跨境融資
  • 從操作和法規角度看粵港澳大灣區擔保及保險轉讓
  • 中港澳三地的金融制度和民商法
  • Introduction to ESG, Responsible Investing, and Carbon Neutrality
  • ESG Asset Classes
  • Green Bond Markets and Responsible Investing Landscape
  • Green bond and issuing procedures
  • Climate Risk Management
  • ESG with the Aid of FinTech
  • ESG Regulation & Reporting

LSF CPD Topics

Technology & Data

  • 5G and AI Creating new InsurTech - Technology and Application
  • 5G and IoT (Internet of Things) Building the new InsurTech and Society
  • 5G Basic Infrastructure, Implementation and Application in Insurance
  • Microsoft Azure Administration
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals for Beginners and Management Planning
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Enterprise Gateway to Big Data Analytics
  • AWS Certification Course (Cloud Practitioner)
  • AWS Certification Course (Solutions Architecture)
  • Seminars and Workshops on AI Machine Learning and Tableau
  • Tableau Course
  • Machine Learning with R
  • Data Mindset Building, Data Discovery & Data-inspired Innovation
  • Data Security, Data Analytics & Visualization
  • Data-driven Storytelling, Data Science and Statistics
  • Data, Finance and Business Analytics
  • Big Data Application - Digital Demand Analysis for Enterprise Banking Customers
  • Big data with respect to CRM Solutions and Regtech
  • Financial Decision Making: Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Crypto Assets & Blockchain
  • Opportunities & Challenges of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and Digital Assets
  • Opportunities and Challenges of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) to the Traditional Financial Sector
  • Metaverse  Development  in  Relation  to  Digital Assets and Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • Outlook for Blockchain & Digital Asset Industry
  • The HKMA Fintech 2025 Strategy
  • ABCDEFG of Digital Transformation (AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Data Ecosystem, Five G)
  • Digital/Virtual Banking
  • Latest Development and Updates of Regulatory Technology (RegTech)
  • Latest Financial Industry Regtech Technology Applications
  • Latest Digital Services and Strategy in Corporate Banking
  • Metaverse - The Applications in the Finance Sector
  • Smart Operations – The Development Direction of the Banking Industry under the Global Trend of Digital Economy Development
  • AI & Machine Learning (ML)
  • Supervised Machine Learning – An Introduction & in Practice
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Reinforcement Machine Learning & Neural Nets
  • AI Applications: RPA in Trade Processing, Internet of Things (IoT), Robo-Advice, Credit Risk, Fraud & Compliance, Wealth & Asset Management, Chatbots, Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)
  • Cloud Computing, Open APIs and Artificial Intelligence Application in Banking Industry

LSF CPD Topics

Wealth Management

  • Asset Allocation Decision and Rebalancing Strategies
  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Best practice sharing in Selling Investment Funds
  • Client Investment & Wealth Allocation
  • Client Acquisition & Relationship Management
  • Family Office
  • Marriage and Wealth
  • Wealth Management for High-Net Worth (HNW) Clients
  • Ultra-HNWIs & Family Offices
  • Compliance Considerations
  • Alternative Investments
  • Banking & Deposit Services
  • Credit & Lending Services
  • Investment Services - Overseas Real Estate
  • Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning - Property Inheritance and Legacy
  • Transfer and Global Taxation Arrangements
  • Trusts and Asset Protection

LSF CPD Topics

Ethics, Compliance, Risk & Regulatory

  • Introduction to the HKMA's Anti-Money Laundering Guideline
  • AML & CTF: Comparison between International Regulatory Standards and Hong Kong's standards
  • AML/CFT eKYC – The Future of Know Your Customer in Digital Era
  • AML/CFT Global Trends on AML and HK’s Latest Regulatory Developments
  • AML/CFT How Regtech can Improve Compliance Performance?
  • AML & Sanctions Risk
  • Practices and Case Studies - International Banks and Hong Kong
  • Basel III – An Introduction
  • Basel III – Pillar 1 & Capital Adequacy
  • Basel III – Measurement Approaches
  • Basel III – Liquidity & Leverage
  • Basel III – Pillar 2 & ICAAP
  • Basel III – Pillar 3 & Risk Reporting
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption
  • Insurance Authority (IA) Guidelines
  • IA's Code of Conduct for Insurance Intermediaries
  • Insurance Fraud Cases
  • Regulations and Compliance for Insurance
  • Implementation of the Insurance Code of Conduct and Case Studies
  • Bankruptcy Laws Relating to Credit Risk and Insurance - The Real Risk
  • Bankruptcy Laws Relating to Credit Risk and Insurance - Trustee in Bankruptcy and Voluntary Arrangement
  • Counterparty Credit Risk Management for Financial Institutions
  • Credit Risk and Financial Analysis of the Real Estate Industry in China
  • Credit Risk Management: An Introduction to the Legal Requirements and recent changes in Hong Kong Banking Laws
  • Credit Risk Management: HKMA's new Regulatory Requirements on Banks' exposures to Related Parties
  • Compliance Risk Management: Regulatory Requirements and Case Studies on Compliance Risk Management for Banks
  • Operational Risk Management - A Refresher to HKMA Supervisory Policy Manual
  • Hong Kong – HKMA, SFC
  • US – Federal Reserve, SEC, CFTC
  • UK – PRA & FCA, Bank of England
  • Others: Singapore,  China
  • US Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

LSF CPD Topics

Soft Skills for Finance Professionals

  • Adversity & Resilience
  • Decoding Stress at Work Place
  • How to Live a Healthy Life
  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Managing Time for Work-Life Integration
  • Application of NLP in Financial Services Environment
  • Selling Techniques for Insurance Practitioners
  • Persuasive Presentation Skills
  • Business Negotiation Skills
  • Agile Project Management
  • Design Thinking
  • Solving Problems Analytically and Creatively
  • How to Use Mediation Skills to Resolve Financial Disputes?
  • Introduction of Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme and Conflict
  • Alternative Insurance Dispute Resolution
  • Storytelling Techniques
  • The Art of Networking
  • Influencing Skills
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Wining Customer's Heart by NLP (Customer Service)
  • Handling Difficult Customers, Conflict Resolution
  • Building High Performance Team
  • Managing & Leading Remote Teams/Hybrid Teams
  • Coaching & Motivation Skills for Leaders
  • Agile Leadership
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Ethics based Culture


Clients' Testimonials

The way presenter presenting Basel even someone does not have any prior knowledge to Basel can also get something from this presentation

Credit Risk Management

Fully understand that the work through is based on chronological order. I like the walk through of relevant points of HKMA SPM and sharing of relevant case studies.

Refresher on Counterparty Risk Management and HKMA requirements. Good case study sharing especially on recent cases

The contents delivered by the presenter are a very good overview and recommended for everyone to attend. Note that I have been working the Basel work for more than 15 years (even before Basel II Accord was implemented). In my opinion, the presenter is knowledgeable and the contents are correct.

Credit Risk Management

You seemed to have the power to suck up each of our best and then put it all together to create a meaningful unit for us. Your charisma and wisdom truly inspiring me and my team.

Dora Tse Explora's Consulting

Crafting a holistic learner Journey

Our Course Design Elements

Depending on the program’s nature, relevant components are integrated with the design.

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Ada Lee

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