Leveraging Emotional Intelligence in the Digital Age

Leveraging Emotional Intelligence In The Digital Age

“An Extreme of anything becomes Counterproductive.” Said a wise man once and this seems to have become a reality in the Digital Age. Once upon a time, we were touched by Technology but now we seem to be drowning in it. According to most studies, an average adult is spending more than 4 hours a day on mobile (this does not include tablets, computers…). While some have learned to tame Technology but there are those which are being tamed by it.

Is Technology an Ally or an Enemy?

I was recently invited in a Marketing conference to answer this question. Well, here is the short answer > “it could be either an enemy or an ally based on how you use it.” Otherwise, you run the risk of being used by it (think of the number of notifications intruding our private space) but at the same time it is solving big problems (like tracking medical situations better).