Non Verbal Communication


This session will focus on understanding non-verbal communication. The session will start with an interactive exercise to help people understand how to hone their senses to read non-verbal communication. We will then explore the key elements of body language including comfort versus discomfort and how to read the key signals for engagement and lack of engagement.

HOW will you benefit

  • Understand the key indicators in body language that will help identify intent and / or emotions and provide clarity for communications
  • An interactive exercise on facial and microexpressions
  • The participants will have an opportunity to practice
    and apply each of the techniques discussed

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WHO should enroll

Professionals across all industries
Entry-, mid-, and advanced-level professionals

WHAT you will learn

  • Introduction & benchmarking
  • Creating a message for action: why stories matter
  • The 8 kinds of stories & where to find them
  • Crafting story structures
  • Bringing stories to life
  • Revisiting the learnings and creating an Action Plan

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