Onboarding Program

Onboarding should start as soon as the offer has been made, it’s the pre-induction, the process of emotionally connecting the new employee to the culture, company and process. This pre first day platform is essential in order for the employee to feel engaged and comfortable within the organisation before they start to deliver and perform.

It’s also the perfect point to collect information and distribute key information about the role and organisation. All new starters will be nervous and excited and everyone reiterated that it’s fundamental to encourage and act upon the positive feelings so they feel their decision to join the new organisation was one for the better.

Research has found almost eight in ten (79%) of new employees agreed that they would have settled into their new role much more quickly had there been a better onboarding process.

This area provides the critical touch points ahead of the first day, enabling them to engage with their new team, read all necessary documents and find out who they should ask for upon arrival, where they will spending lunch – all the simple yet worrisome areas that plague a new starter. Without a good onboarding process, it may take up to four months average time to feel settled and happy with what was expected of them after starting in their current job.

Why does it Matter

It’s fundamental to encourage and act upon the positive feelings so [new employees] feel their decision to join the new organisation was one for the better.

There are many, many benefits to onboarding and induction. With a proper onboarding process, you can increase employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity, leading to positive outcomes for the employee and your organization.

But what should the onboarding process look like? How much should it change depending on the employee? Is it possible to have a company-wide onboarding process, or does each department need one? Do you need to customize each onboarding to each employee?

In such an environment of change and unfamiliarity, personalized onboarding can help new hires by presenting them only with the information they need, in ways that make them more comfortable.

How can we Help

We design, develop & deliver holistic Onboarding Program, to induct candidates in the company.

Onboarding Program

From Day One, new hires crave proof that accepting the offer was a good choice. They want to feel excited. And they want to make a good impression by demonstrating their ability to learn, adapt, engage, and deliver. The good news is that this aligns perfectly with what the company expects and needs – a highly engaged and productive team member.

How can you create an onboarding program that sets your new hires up for success and convinces them to commit to your organization long-term?

Great onboarding programs encompass much more than a one-day or even one-week orientation. They can last 90 days or even a year. And they involve HR, executives, hiring managers, and new hires and create a strong sense of belonging and purpose. A structured orientation & making new colleagues feel welcome in the workplace helps them to achieve an understanding for the ways in which things are done there.

We design and deliver Onboarding program for new employees. We also run transition leadership program for employee’s changing roles.