Reinventing Careers & Skills

for a COVID-19 World

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LSF Global was proud to present our first edition of Reinventing Careers and Skills for a COVID-19 World on September 3, 2020, kindly sponsored by Spaces Sun House. The events were part of our efforts to bring members of the struggling business community to hear from a group of distinguished professionals in the Asia Pacific give their take on what people need to do to deal with their careers in such a time as 2020. We were very lucky to be able to accommodate our event in person and our speakers were able to come down in person to our office in Central, Hong Kong to broadcast with viewers tuning in from across the globe.

During the event, we covered some of the biggest talked about topics in the time of COVID-19.

Kicking off the event was Stefanie Ellender-former HR Director, Asia Pacific, Hyatt Hotels give her take on her experience of Redundancy. Being made redundant earlier in the year Stefanie was left with a huge journey to tackle not only dealing with the emotions and the anxiety of the future.

Next, we heard from, Joel Durbridge of Standard Charted who discussed his drastic change of career from serving in the British Military in counter-terrorism operations in the Middle East, to Head of Strategy, Financial Markets.

Sommer Nisbet-Robert Walters was next on stage ,who has had over 20 year’s experience in recruitment experience. Sommer discussed some of the key issues that people are facing with building resilience in careers during the pandemic.

Atul Babu-SVP, and Head, PCCW Solutions, then joined us from Singapore to speak about Future Skillsets in Technology. More specifically on how technology is going to take us forward, the importance of embracing and finding a way to do things more efficiently with technology so we can automate the existing roles of today.

Finally, we finished with a panel discussion inviting Narayanan NS-Deloitte, Sid Sibal-Hudson Global Resources, and Alex Royall-ADR Search lead by our own Aalok Gupta-Senior Partner, LSF Global to discuss Personal Branding and implications of future employment.

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed out if you would like to tune into any of the sessions, follow the link here.

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3 September 2020


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