People Analytics

Efficient Employee boost Business strategy

People analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work. For the first time in history, business leaders can make decisions about their people based on deep analysis of data rather than the traditional methods of personal relationships, decision making based on experience, and risk avoidance. People analytics, also known as human resource (HR) analytics and talent analytics, is form of big data that applies math, statistics and modeling to worker-related data to see and predict patterns. In particular, HR departments use people analytics to make better decisions about all aspects of HR strategy with the goal of improving business performance.

How it works

LSF Global partners with Harrison’s award-winning, cloud based technology provides secure, job specific predictive analytics that enhance the candidate  and employee experience. Our assessment science and technology saves you time and money, while enabling you to hire the best candidates and target development needs.

Why People Analytics

Saving times

The sourcing, hiring, training and nurturing processes can be time-intensive and frequently end up being wasteful. People analytics allows HR team members to find actionable insights and focus on the programs and people that will be most beneficial, allowing the HR department to spend more time on actions that will drive bigger results for the company at large.

Improve company culture

An employee’s feeling of belonging within the company is often correlated to their morale and productivity. People analytics can allow data scientists within HR to determine the wants and needs of employees, thus creating a better social and work environment and increasing employee retention.

Cloud migration

Since corporate environments are becoming more globalized and systems are becoming more automated and consolidated, data analytics is becoming more important. Tools that utilize analytics are a cost-effective option for businesses that cannot afford an in-house system. 

Our plan of action

Acquire Talent

Attract top talent & save up to 70% on admin time

  • Quickly find & acquire the best talent
  • Real time viewing of applications
  • Great candidate experience
  • Reduce cost of hiring
  • Increase accuracy & reduce bad hires
  • Legal compliance

Develop Talent

Identify development needs & reduce training costs

  • Role placement
  • Executive coaching
  • Performance development
  • New leadership development
  • Individual development plans
  • Behavioural competency development
  • Smart Questionnaire

Engage Talent

Assess expectations &
Drive Engagement

  • SmartQuestionnaire
  • Identify behaviours employees need to fulfil own expectations
  • Individual employee engagement
  • Employee engagement survey
  • Actionable Data for Engagement
  • Foster group engagement

Lead Talent

Develop Leadership through paradoxical leadership skills

  • Emerging leader competencies
  • Senior leader competencies
  • Paradoxical leadership skills
  • Bench strength readiness
  • Succession planning

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