Predictive Retention

Predictive Analytics for Employee Retention

Employee retention is one of today’s greatest workforce challenges. Sixty-two percent of employees could be tempted to take a new job at any given time while hiring and onboarding new talent continues to require valuable time and resources. Talent retention is about three key things: hiring the right talent, retaining that talent and finally, getting ahead of the game by predicting who might leave.

LSF’s Predictive Retention helps you predict the behaviour of your employees with the proven tools and techniques, to help you take precautionary measures to retain your top talent.

We will share compelling insights from recent research about the factors that cause employees to leave their jobs and how these insights can be applied to your organization. Discussions will reveal how to engage employees in meaningful work, motivate employees to develop their careers, and how your organization can achieve more employee anniversaries. The Predictive Retention model will equip you with the information you need to take on this critical workforce challenge.

It will help you to answer the following critical questions:

  • How do I identify the specific factors that can contribute to talent attrition and
  • How can I predict which employees are most likely to voluntarily leave?
  • How can I improve retention in my organization?

Who should use Predictive Retention?

Predictive Retention has relevance to a wide range of organisations, including:

  • Companies that rely on repeat business with clients to build long-term profitability
  • Organizations with products or services based around a subscription or renewable contract
  • Educational establishments that rely on student fees for revenue where premature student departure has multiyear negative impact on funding
  • Companies already using business intelligence and key performance indicators based on customer data and activity to provide a summary of retrospective performance
  • Organisations that sell their products and services to individual consumers and those engaged in business to business activities
  • Organisations with large amounts of untapped, structured and unstructured data that wish to gain a deeper understanding of satisfaction and loyalty

Our Predictive Retention solution helps organisations drive greater profitability through improved customer retention by developing a detailed understanding of why customers stop doing business with you, in order that they can actually predict individual customers likelihood to leave, before this happens and with enough time to take positive action.

We provide predictive analytics on probability of retention or resignation of employees.