Public Speaking Coaching


This public speaking coaching concentrates on confident public speaking, particularly how to deal with nerves and anxiety. It offers simple, easy to practice tools to help you cope with nerves and get your message across memorably. You'll learn how to structure your material for the biggest impact and speak effectively to audiences of varied sizes. It is a fun and effective course, with plenty of opportunities to practice.

HOW will you benefit

  • In order to deliver an impactful public speech, the first important step is to prepare your speech
  • Understand how to structure your thoughts into words to
    bind the audience
  • Feelings and body language plays an important role while speaking in public, learn how to manage them
  • Tips and techniques of speaking confidently

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WHO should enroll

Executives, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs
Anyone seeking to make an impactful pitch

WHAT you will learn

  • Dealing with Your Feelings
  • What Already Works For You?
  • How Public Speaking Works
  • Tools & Techniques to Connect with your Audience
  • Dealing With Nerves
  • How to Prepare
  • Overcoming the Fear – Practical Hints and Tips
  • Telling a Story
  • Building Your Confidence and Techniques to Practice

What our Delegates Say

Meet Your Instructors

Our International Instructors have extensive EXPERIENCE & EDUCATION in their areas of EXPERTISE, which also makes them Inspirational Role Models for those who learn from them.

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