Storytelling with Data


Data can be overwhelming and complicated. Often there is so much of it, it is difficult to isolate a message and tell a story in a meaningful way. This course is designed to make that process easier. The program is intended for people who present numbers and those who work behind the scenes crafting slides. The workshop offers best practices for finding plots, choosing storylines, targeting messages, and using compelling charts and graphs to support a narrative.

HOW will you benefit

  • Offer best practices for finding data narratives.
  • Explain chart types and for which purpose each is best suited.
  • Address best practices for designing strong data-driven slides.
  • Determine what is important to different audience groups.
  • Use labels and summaries effectively.

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WHO should enroll

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Students
  • Anybody who does Presentation or wants/needs to deliver Presentations

WHAT you will learn

  • Explain why bad slide design happens and how to prevent it.
  • Isolate messages in a data set.
  • Choose a message or series of messages to convey a compelling story. Use analogies and examples to support a narrative.
  • Select the right chart for a message.
  • Demonstrate the ability to create charts with greater complexity than their presentation software’s default options.
  • Avoid common mistakes when creating charts and graphs.

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