Business Coaching & Talent Services

Working with the Founder & Managing Principal to work on the Business as a ‘whole’ with strong focus on Human Resources Development.

The Consulting Company

Established in 2015, our client is a Consulting Service firm supporting businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. The team is multi-cultural and multi-lingual, who have years of experience in IT Business and Software Consulting and come from a wide range of industries. They consider the People as their core asset to help you succeed. Their mission is to help clients make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their performance and create value. Their areas of expertise are Strategic Analysis, E-Commerce, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, CRM, ERP, POS solutions.

Our Trainers

Business Goals

  • The company has entered into aggressive growth phase from being a start up, just a few years ago.
  • The Management is experiencing intensified pressure from both the Clients and Team demands.
  • There is a need to increase the skills within the Team to manage Client needs.
  • There seems to be limited trust within the Team.
  • Sales and cross selling skills within the team are very low
  • The company has a vision to diversify from Services to Product sales.
  • The Founder has an aspiration to expand into other markets.

LSF's Solution

  • Provided Business Coaching services and intensive learning process for the whole business.
  • Provided strategic support with tools to help with the change management.
  • Created a vision and structure within the business so that they could deploy – functional succession.
  • Created alignment across the business, removed possible duplication and drove accountability across the team members by clarifying Functional Structure requirements.
  • Up-skilled all team members with methodologies, to provide consistency of approach and messaging throughout the business in proven techniques and discipline.
  • Defined the “culture” to attract, retain and develop the right people in preparation for your growth and succession strategies.
  • Expanded on existing strategies to drive depth around business development & sales.
  • Provided guidance in the selection and induction of advisory Board members.

Statistics based on delegates feedback

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Message from the Founder

"The full team have been impressed through the training camps provided by LSF Global. I have participated through every session with my team from beginning to the end. Through out those sessions, we feel the energy and inspiration from the compelling training and sharing provided to our Consultants. Our junior and senior consultants have all benefited from the case practice and sharing insights given to topics like Consultative Selling and Story Selling skills. We have learned a great set of techniques and manners being a great professional serving our clients in many situations. The feedback we have received from team is joyful, they truly enjoy the moment with the Trainers, most importantly we can do something memorable altogether.”

Dora Tse, Founder & Managing Principle

Comments From Company Executives

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Business Coaching & Talent Services

Working with the company to work on the Business as a ‘whole’ with strong focus on Human Resources Development.

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