Managing Difficult Stakeholder Conversations

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The Company is a global management and technology consultancy dedicated to the financial services and energy industries. Our professionals combine innovative thinking with unrivalled industry and domain expertise to offer our clients consulting expertise, complex technology and package integration, transformation delivery, and managed services, to move their organizations forward. Through their collaborative and efficient approach, they help their clients successfully innovate, increase revenue, manage risk and regulatory change, reduce costs, and enhance controls. They serve their clients from offices in leading financial centers across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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Business Goals

  • The Client wanted to conduct a Lunch-n-Learn session for the staff
  • It was intended to empower them with the knowledge & skills to manage Difficult Stakeholder Conversations
  • The idea was to deliver the skills in a fun & easy learning environment

LSF's Solution

• Understanding Difficult Conversations:-

The session initiated with an opening note by CAPCO, post which the first section ‘Understanding Difficult Conversation’ was delivered by the facilitator with the help of small group exercise where participants were asked to discuss a difficult conversation they have experienced in their lives with a partner.

• Tools & Techniques to manage Difficult Conversations:-

In this section the facilitator empowered the delegates with different tools and techniques to manage difficult conversations, which they can use in their personal and professional lives.

• Conducting a Difficult Conversation:-

In this section, facilitator explained how to conduct difficult conversations, delegates were given a five-step process for managing the DC outcomes.

• Consolidate Learnings:-

This section focused on revisiting the learnings & insights participants gained from the session. The tools & techniques shared in the session were re-visited to ensure that everyone gets benefit out of it.

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