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International Trade and Export Company

Our client’s business was founded against a backdrop of great change in China. Fung Pak-liu, an English teacher, and Li To-ming, a merchant, established the company in 1906 as one of the first companies financed solely by Chinese capital to export to the West.

From these humble beginnings, they now operates one of the most extensive global supply chain networks in the world. With some 17,000 people in more than 230 offices and distribution centres across 40 different markets, they use their extensive global reach, depth of experience, market knowledge, and technology to help brands and retailers respond quickly to evolving consumer and production trends.

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Business Goals

  • This was an development initiative, open to all company employees.
  • The Topic was selected after internal survey and brainstorming by the project leaders.

LSF's Solution

• What is Personal Branding:-

Personal branding is the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual.This section focused on what is Personal Branding and introduced the elements of Personal Branding to the delegates.

• Why Does it Matter:-

Delegates were made aware about the Importance of Personal Branding in professional growth and how it can help in finding your true self. With the help of personal branding you can develop strategic thinking and deliver more value to what you do as a result of defining your specialization.

• Adapting your Brand to Business Situations:-

Small activities were conducted to make it an interactive learning session where delegates were asked to share their top techniques with their partners in the group. Finally a recap of the entire session helped them retain what they learned throughout the session.

• How to develop your Personal Brand:-

After knowing what is Personal Branding and why it matters, it is important to understand how you can develop your personal brand. This section focused on key attributes to develop a personal brand.

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