Unlocking the power of Resilient Leadership

Empowering Leaders to Navigate Change and Excel in Strategic Execution

Headquartered in Paris, this multinational insurance firm, a prominent player in the global insurance and financial services sector, traces its origins back to 1816 when it was established as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie. It underwent significant transformations through mergers and acquisitions in the global market before adopting its current name in 1985. Operating primarily across Western Europe, North America, the Asia Pacific region, and the Middle East, with a presence in Africa as well, the company spans over 100 geographies worldwide. 

Under the leadership of Thomas Buberl, the company envisions a new era of insurance and is committed to fostering innovation to develop novel services, insurance models, and support emerging trends like mobility and healthcare advancements. Prioritizing growth in segments such as protection, property & casualty commercial lines, and health, the company aims to rebalance its business mix while accelerating innovation. 

Positioned as a key player in the evolving landscape of insurance, the company embraces innovation as a fundamental driver of its growth strategy. With a purpose centered on advancing human progress by safeguarding what matters most, the company’s values resonate across its global teams. Courage, Integrity, One Company, and Customer First have been core values since 2016, reflecting the company’s enduring culture and managerial continuity spanning over four decades. 

The Company partnered with LSF Global to design and deliver the Resilient Leadership Workshop. This highly interactive and reflective course aimed to enhance leaders’ ability to manage work situations, identify strategic and execution leadership, and develop strategies for resilience. 

Our Trainers


  • Recognize the concept of resilience and gauge your individual resilience quotient through a brief evaluation. 
  • Embrace the inevitability of change, acquire coping mechanisms for navigating change, and develop the capacity to rebound from challenging circumstances. 
  • Cultivate heightened awareness of others’ emotions and drives, fostering deeper empathy and understanding. 
  • Explore the facets comprising Personal Resilience through practical challenges in a case study format. 

Target Audience

  • Team leaders, executives, supervisors, managers
  • Anyone else who wants to develop strong resilience.


The course on Resilient Leadership covers various topics aimed at understanding, embracing, and leading through change and adversity. Here’s a summary of the key themes: 

  • Understanding Change: Analyzing the nature of change and its impact on individuals and organizations. 
  • Being Inclusive & Empathizing with Change: Recognizing the importance of inclusivity and empathy in navigating change effectively. 
  • Measuring Resilience: Evaluating personal and organizational resilience levels to better understand strengths and areas for improvement. 
  • Inspiration to Bounce Back: Finding sources of inspiration and motivation to rebound from setbacks and challenges. 
  • Dimensions of Building Personal Resilience: Exploring various strategies and practices to enhance personal resilience, including mental, emotional, and physical aspects. 
  • Understanding Resistance & Embracing Diversity: Addressing resistance to change and leveraging diversity as a strength in overcoming obstacles. 
  • Engaging Teams & Leading Change: Techniques for engaging teams in the change process and effectively leading through turbulent times. 
  • Motivating Team Members to Adapt: Strategies for motivating team members to embrace change and adapt to new circumstances. 

Overall, the course aims to equip participants with the mindset, skills, and strategies necessary to lead with resilience in dynamic and challenging environments. 

About Resilient Leadership Program Journey

  • Kick-Off Webinar
    • The journey began with a kick-off webinar session. The trainer briefed participants about the importance of resilience in leadership and discussed the goals and objectives of the journey. 
  • Paradox Assessment
    • The Paradox Assessment undertaken by the delegates helped them understand and reconcile seemingly contradictory elements or tensions that could coexist and impact decision-making, strategy, and organizational effectiveness. 
  • Application by Delegates
    • At this stage, delegates went back and applied the practical tools and strategies learned at the workplace. The application of the tools enabled delegates to bounce back from setbacks, remain composed under pressure, and adapt to changing circumstances. 
  • Workshop (2 Days)
    • The 2-Day Resilient Leadership empowered leaders to inspire and motivate their teams, foster a culture of resilience, and drive organizational success in dynamic and uncertain environments. 
  • Group Refresher Session
    • The refresher session provided learning reinforcement to the delegates. The participants discussed their challenges, success stories, and the actions they would continue to take to become Resilient Leaders. 

Key Results

By participating in the Resilient Leadership Workshop, the company leaders gained valuable insights and skills to manage change, enhance strategic and execution leadership, and build resilience. The program empowered leaders to adapt to the accelerated pace of change, make informed decisions, and effectively lead their teams through transformational journeys. Through the workshop’s practical tools and strategies, leaders were equipped to bounce back from setbacks, maintain control, and achieve work objectives with resilience.

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