Stakeholder Management

Participants improved mindset, refined leadership, confidently managed stakeholders in complex business landscapes.

Our clients help businesses to make better decisions by using data solutions and technology. Their core business involves data transformation, BI data analytics, workflow automation, data management services, project management, change management and QA services. 

LSF Global collaborated with the Company to develop and facilitate a Stakeholder Management Course. This program imparted effective stakeholder management techniques that Executives could promptly implement in their professional settings. Participants learned to recognize pivotal stakeholders and secure their dedication to organizational goals. 

The Company was seeking to conduct its annual company on-site training to enhance the skills of its delegates and empower them with various techniques, including growth mindset, T-shaped leadership, business style mapping, and effective communication skills. LSF Global collaborated to co-create a tailored solution for company’s program, which was called The Dual Role: Leadership Facets and Stakeholder Management.  

Throughout the training sessions, delegates were immersed in a comprehensive curriculum designed to boost their leadership capabilities and refine their skills in stakeholder management. Interactive workshops were conducted, enabling participants to learn strategies for cultivating a growth mindset, embracing T-shaped leadership principles, and effectively mapping out business styles to optimize communication and collaboration.  

The training program was structured to provide a dynamic learning experience, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Delegates actively engaged in role-playing exercises, case studies, and group discussions to deepen their understanding and sharpen their skills. Overall, the training initiative was highly successful, equipping company’s delegates with valuable insights and tools to navigate complex business environments with confidence and competence.

Our Trainers


  • Developing versatility and a diverse skill set as a leader. 
  • Effectively managing a wide array of stakeholders with differing interests and priorities. 
  • Navigating and prioritizing conflicting sources of power and influence. 
  • Adapting communication strategies to suit the personalities and preferences of different individuals. 
  • Acquiring the skills necessary to foster improved collaboration with stakeholders.

Target Audience

  • Team leaders, executives, supervisors, managers
  • Anyone else who wants to develop strong resilience.


Growth Mindset and Leadership Facets 

The Workshop began with a fun ice-breaker activity followed by the business context alignment by the leaders and expectation setting. The trainer also gave an insight into the workshop goals. The participants were then provided with the key principles involving growth mindset and the techniques to develop this. This session also involved discussions related to 3 leadership paths and the evolution of T-shaped leader. The trainer conducted group discussions and partner activities as well. 

Awareness and Understanding Stakeholder Management 

This session included the facilitator sharing the four key skills required in managing stakeholders and explained the first key Awareness through discussions and activities. The session included identifying and understanding the stakeholders. The group discussions included mapping their stakeholders, needs and drivers and how to prioritize the stakeholders. 

Adaptability and Articulation 

In this session, the participants were asked their ways to adapting to their stakeholders. The business behaviour styles such as Analytical, Driver, Expressive and Amiable were discussed through assessment and group activity. Participants shared their own business style and identified other personalities as well. The communication model was shared by the trainer in this session along with the three rules of influencing: Be Specific, be persistent, be value driven. This session involved role play and group activities to better understand influencing. 

Action and Dealing with Challenging Stakeholders 

This session involved the important aspect of dealing with challenging stakeholders. The trainer shared the examples of types of difficult people and further conducted partner coaching. The participants were also asked to understand taking control of a difficult situation The trainer shared that if the participants create a Mindset of Ecosystem & use 4 As as Skillsets, they will manage Stakeholders more effectively!

Key Results

  • Increased awareness and understanding of growth mindset principles and techniques for its development among the participants. 
  • Enhanced leadership skills, particularly in relation to adapting to different stakeholders and evolving into T-shaped leaders. 
  • Improved stakeholder management skills, including the ability to identify, understand, and prioritize stakeholders’ needs and drivers. 
  • Development of adaptability and articulation skills, particularly in relation to understanding different business behaviour styles and effectively influencing stakeholders. 
  • Strengthened ability to deal with challenging stakeholders through role-playing, partner coaching, and adopting a mindset of managing stakeholders as an ecosystem using the 4As (Awareness, Adaptability, Articulation, Action) as skill sets. 

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