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Our client’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction fuels a culture of ongoing innovation. With a distinct blend of expertise in investment-linked and traditional life insurance, they are broadening their product portfolio to introduce an expanded range of “wealth and health” insurance solutions. Based in Hong Kong and strategically poised to capitalize on opportunities in the Greater Bay Area and regional markets, our client is well-positioned to deliver cutting-edge offerings tailored to meet the diverse and evolving needs of their customers. 

Our client embarked on a strategic initiative to fortify the leadership capabilities within its organization through a comprehensive Leadership Learning Journey on Leading Organization. Recognizing the critical role of effective communication in maximizing organizational efficiency, our client collaborated with LSF Global to design and implement the Workshop on Strategic Articulation. This bespoke workshop was meticulously crafted with the specific intent of endowing leaders with tangible techniques to navigate diverse stakeholder interactions with precision and clarity. 

With a clear focus on enhancing strategic thinking and communication prowess, the workshop was tailored to address key learning objectives deemed essential for effective leadership. Participants were immersed in a dynamic learning environment aimed at cultivating strategic acumen and refining communication skills tailored to the nuances of engaging with senior leaders. Through a structured curriculum, leaders delved into practical strategies to structure their thoughts for impactful conversations, ensuring coherence and resonance across various contexts. Additionally, the workshop provided participants with invaluable insights and practical tools to orchestrate meetings with efficiency, fostering collaboration and driving decisive outcomes. 

During this transformative learning experience, leaders were equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate complex communication scenarios adeptly. By honing their ability to think strategically, communicate effectively with senior leaders, structure their thoughts for clarity and impact, and drive meetings with purpose, participants emerged poised to lead with confidence and efficacy in a rapidly evolving business landscape. As a testament to its success, the Workshop on Strategic Articulation played a pivotal role in empowering client’s leaders to effectively articulate their vision, align stakeholders, and drive organizational success. 

Our Trainers


  • Achieving Mastery in Strategic Thinking
  • Enhancing Communication with Senior Leaders
  • Developing Clarity in Thought Structure for Conversations
  • Managing the Balance between Context and Content to Maintain Focus
  • Improving Efficiency in Meeting Management

Training Solution

LSF provided solutions to address the challenges: 

Introduction of Strategic Articulation Tools 

The Workshop started with an interactive energizer before setting the business context and objectives of the Workshop. The overall Strategic Articulation Tools the total of 8 in the area of Thinking; Speaking and Listening were explained. Role plays were carried out for participants to understand their existing competency level in Strategic Articulation as well as sharing their top strengths and challenges. 

The Thinking Tools  

In this Session, 3 major tools were elaborated which are Context: Self Talk and Reflection with a Partner Coaching activity using the framework on Situation> Feelings> Evaluations> Insights> Actions. Participants learnt about the 5 useful ways for reflection and which new tool to adopt in their daily practice going forward.   

The Speaking Tools 

After learning the Thinking Tools, the Facilitator engaged the delegates with an interactive Business Styles Discussion where they discussed how to interact effectively with stakeholders of different personalities followed by understanding the Questioning and Listening techniques. This concluded the part of the Speaking Tools. 

The Listening Tools & Business Simulation  

In this last session which focus on the Listening Tools, a very practical framework called PEPSI was shared with the delegates with examples and elaboration. Towards the end of the Workshop, the Facilitator gave out a beautifully designed, laminated PEPSI card to reinforce the participants learning as well as giving out the Business Simulation Case study for their preparation for Part 2. On Day 2, we offered a real Business simulation for participants to practice the Strategic Articulation skills learnt with comprehensive feedback. 

Key Results

  • Enhanced Strategic Thinking: Participants gained proficiency in strategic thinking through the utilization of various thinking tools such as Context, Self-Talk, and Reflection. They learned to analyze situations effectively, leading to better decision-making and problem-solving capabilities. 
  • Improved Communication with Stakeholders: Delegates developed effective communication skills, particularly in interacting with stakeholders of diverse personalities. They learned strategies for engaging stakeholders and employing questioning and listening techniques to foster meaningful dialogue and alignment. 
  • Enhanced Listening Skills: Participants acquired practical listening tools and techniques, such as the PEPSI framework, which enabled them to actively listen and understand others’ perspectives. This enhanced their ability to empathize, collaborate, and build stronger relationships with stakeholders. 
  • Application in Real-world Scenarios: Through role-plays, business simulations, and practical exercises, participants had the opportunity to apply their newfound skills in real-world scenarios. This hands-on approach facilitated the transfer of learning to their daily practices and prepared them for actual business situations. 
  • Increased Confidence and Competency: As participants progressed through the workshop and engaged in various activities, they gained confidence in their strategic articulation abilities. They became more adept at structuring their thoughts, articulating ideas effectively, and driving meetings with purpose and efficiency. 

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