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Leading Change and Developing Agile Management Skills for 5000 Professionals in Asia

Agile Leadership

Understand how the world has changed and so has leadership. Have an Outlook of how Agile Management fits into Business and Learn how you can leverage Agile in your work.

APAC Consulting school for Senior consultants

The Financial company plans to run Promotion Schools for Senior Consultants. The SCs have a supervisory role, they need to do client management and networking.

AI & ML Using Python

Purpose was to introduce the Python Programming to the users. Include an introduction about Machine Learning. To understand the tools and techniques to use Python for Data Analytics.

Business Coaching & Talent Services

Working with the company to work on the Business as a ‘whole’ with strong focus on Human Resources Development.

Building Change Agility

The workshop was conducted for our client to maintain the significant amount of transformation & change in the business as Senior Leaders will be taking over the Team.

Collaborative Leadership

Intended to have a deeper understanding among each other to drive better mutual understanding for collaboration. Identify the barriers and enablers of collaboration.

Consultant's Bootcamp

Explora Consulting wanted to conduct an offsite training for the team of Consultants. The offsite was intended to help in increasing the team bonding, creativity and communication among the team members.

Digital Detox

On one hand where Digital is good for us, on the other hand Digitization has lead to many chronic issues as well, including stress, distraction, and addiction to devices.

Elevate your Career

Workshop was needed to motivate the prospective managers. It was intended to make delegates aware and motivate them about future opportunities.

Elevate your Career for Financial Institution

How they can build a successful career by making the right choice at the right time. To understand the tools and techniques to be able to build successful career.

Female Leaders Storytelling Workshop

The Company wanted to conduct a Networking event for their Female Leaders. Networking being the core expectation of the event, they wanted the female leaders to feel empowered and acquire new skills.

Female Leaders Influencing Skills Workshop

The Company wanted to conduct a Networking event for their Female Engineers. Networking being the core expectation of the event, they wanted the female engineers to feel empowered and acquire new skills.

Influencing Skills

This Influencing skills training focused to give delegates the skills and confidence to use their influence irrespective of their formal role or grade.

Leadership Presence

Understanding that it’s not just what you say, but how you say it, you will come across more confident, sincere, & credible.

Leadership Offsites

A Leadership Offsites was conducted for the client including Team Building. There is a need to break silos that are created and the ways of working also needed review. 

Leading Without Authority

The client wanted to put the existing staff as mentors to the new joiners without any actual promotion, who were supposed to perform as leaders without a manager title.

Leveraging EQ for Career Growth

The client wanted to conduct a seminar for the team to create self awareness, expectation was to create awareness in the team to exhibit a higher level of Professionalism.

Managing difficult stakeholder conversations

The Client wanted to conduct a Lunch-n-Learn session for the staff. It was intended to empower them with the knowledge & skills to manage Difficult Stakeholder Conversations.

Organisation Culture

Facilitating adoption of The Company Guiding Principles, Competencies and Behavior across Senior Management.

Personal Branding

This was a development initiative, open to all company employees. The Topic was selected after internal survey and brainstorming by the project leaders.

Professional Scrum Master

It was intended to prepare the staff for Professional Scrum Master exam, the development is based on tried and test SCRUM Global Benchmarks. It was a good mix of Teaching, Interactions and Exercises.

Stakeholder Management

Participants experienced a transformative journey, enhancing their awareness of growth mindset principles and refining their leadership and stakeholder management skills to navigate complex business environments with confidence and competence.

Strategic Articulation with Business Simulation

Where real-world scenarios meet dynamic business strategies for unparalleled professional growth!

Strategic Articulation for Digital Age

The session was intended to share an idea and thought of Leadership in the Digital Age along with Strategic Articulation.

Strategic Articulation

Strategic communication go far beyond the basics, and into the ability to do analysis of organization communication, demographic analysis, understand modern….

Stategic Stakeholder Communication

Leveraged on our Stakeholder Management & Strategic Articulation Modules to create the final workshop to our Client.

Scaling Your Business

To understand the challenges faced by the business owners in today’s competitive world. Identify and learn how to scale business growth and find a suitable solution to the current prevailing business problems.

Transforming Our Culture

The Client wanted to conduct a session on Culture Change for their MPF staff because staff turnover is very high 2019 / 2018 (junior sales, within 60-70%)

Unlocking the power of Resilient Leadership

The program empowered leaders to adapt to the accelerated pace of change, make informed decisions, and effectively lead their teams through transformational journeys.