Team Building Retreat

When was the last time you went on a team building event? Hopefully, it wasn’t the time you had your life’s worst hangover. Of course, it could end up better than that, with new memories and deeper friendships with your co-workers. Even if you thought: ‘’this was the best team building ever!’’, we guarantee there is something even better – a company retreat!

Create Your Unique Teambuilding Retreat:

  • Need Assessment
  • Team Assessment
  • Personal & Leadership Team Assessment
  • Team Development Programme Design
  • Team Charters and Goals to achieve
  • Interactive Facilitation

Speaking of trust, the more there is of that, the better for any organization. Nothing kills productivity like suspicion, revenge or lack of respect.

Do you really need a team building retreat?

  • Have misunderstandings cost your company money?
  • Do People in your organization need to communicate better?
  • Morale low after cutbacks? Need some bonding & planning time?
  • Mergers are almost always challenging, build new teams better with a break away from the office.
  • Creativity and innovation may start with an individual, but it takes a team to do something with it.
  • Need to refocus, get new training, solve conflict and more.
  • Even if things are going relatively well, you can ALWAYS improve.
  • Use a retreat as preparation for a future big event, or circumstance that you know will create a certain amount of unrest or stress.
  • Got remote staff? A regular retreat can do wonders.
  • It’s a lot easier to trust each other when you can see the nonverbal cues and tones of voice.

Tailoring Your Unique Team Building Retreats

We are passionate about helping heart and soul guided people to be their greatest selves and make the worlds they operate in kinder and more intelligent. We help leaders to better navigate and thrive through the complexity and chaos of systems they operate in.

To get started planning your leadership retreat.