The Workshop is a highly interactive course that provides participants with tips and techniques on managing tasks, appointments and email in a more effective manner. The problem most people face with time and email management is that they are reactive rather than proactive. This workshop teaches participants how to reverse this process. Through stimulating and interactive discussions and analysis of themselves, participants develop a set of tools which they can apply on an ongoing basis.

HOW will you benefit

  • Participants learn to identify and overcome barriers to effective time management, including procrastination and disorganisation.
  • Participants also reduce distraction by organising and prioritising email, and by applying email habits that lead to more efficient communication for the whole team.
  • Tools and Techniques.

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WHO should enroll

Executives at all levels of Management can attend.

WHAT you will learn

Personal Productivity:

  • Understand what it is and how to manage it in a way that yields the best results.

Goal Setting & To Do lists:

  • The purpose of a goal and lists, software versus traditional solutions.

Planning Effectively:

  • Failing to plan, is planning to fail. The role of planning in being more productive.


  • Science and benefits of prioritisation.

Communicating Effectively:

  • Reducing the need to have multiple emails/ conversations to conclude a transaction, learn ways to conclude in the fastest possible way.

Technology Solutions:

  • Introducing the latest Technology like Artificial Assistants, Cloud Computing, Collaboration tools… to manage workflows.

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Meet Your Instructors

Our International Instructors have extensive EXPERIENCE & EDUCATION in their areas of EXPERTISE, which also makes them Inspirational Role Models for those who learn from them.

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